Sunday, September 24, 2017

The War I Finally Won Book Review

The War I Finally Won starts a week after The War That Saved My Life ends, with Ada and Jamie starting their life as Susan seeks legal guardianship of them and as Ada recovers from surgery to fix her twisted foot.The War I Finally Won

Kimberly Brubaker Bradley
Dial Books
Historical Fiction, Middle Grades

Publication Date: October 3, 2017

If you haven't read The War that Saved My Life, start there! It's an amazing tale of Ada, a nine year old who has never left her apartment because her mother is too embarrassed by Ada's clubfoot. Her mother even locks her in the cabinet at times for punishment. When the war gets too close to London, Ada's brother Jamie is shipped off to stay safe from the bombings. What is Ada to do other than venture out of the apartment to join Jamie?

The War I Finally Won starts a week after The War That Saved My Life ends. Ada is in the hospital under Susan's care. She's just had surgery to fix her twisted foot. Something her mother would never approve of. Ada's mother always told her she was damaged, but she's not anymore. Ada's also just lost her mother to a bombing, and though she never had a good relationship with her mother, it's still her mother. As Ada and Jamie start their life with Susan seeking legal guardianship of them, the three chapter Sneak Peek ends! I can't wait to read the whole novel. October 3rd can't get here soon enough!

If you’re interested in reading The War I Finally Won, you can purchase a copy here on Amazon

*A copy of this book was provided free of charge for an honest review.

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