Sunday, June 21, 2015

TPT Summer Challenge Week One: Makeover Madness

I joined the ladies over at Third in Hollywood, Sparking in Second, Peppy Zesty Teacherista, and Teach Create Motivate for a TPT Seller Challenge.  

The challenge for week one?  Makeover Madness.  I instantly had big plans for giving several of my products a face lift, but I soon was thrown an extra challenge.  The keyboard on my laptop stopped working.  It already takes a decent chunk of time to create (and recreate) products for TPT, but not being able to type or use basic shortcuts has been quite the extra challenge.  

I was determined to make this work though, so with the help of my computer's handy on-screen keyboard, I was able to update one of my freebies.  

On-Screen Keyboard
Using my On-Screen Keyboard to Update my Reading Fluency Charts

What is an on-screen keyboard, you might ask.  Well, I don't recommend using it unless absolutely necessary because it is just that - a keyboard on your screen that you have to move your mouse to click on each letter you want to type.  It is rather time consuming.  

Even with this set-back, I persevered (after dragging my feet for several days).  So I present to you an updated version of my Reading Fluency Charts:

Reading Fluency Charts

Reading Fluency Charts

The cover had a face-lift and the charts themselves now come in two versions: one with clipart that will appeal to younger students and one with a simpler designed (without clipart) that will appeal to older students.

If you're interested in grabbing this updates freebie, head over to my TPT Store by clicking here: Reading Fluency Charts.

Let me know what you think of the new look and enjoy!

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