Friday, June 14, 2013

Ideas for the Classroom: Class Timeline

I found this fun idea from Science Notebooking:

It's a class timeline and I think it is a great way to show off what is happening in your classroom each month.  Plus, (to tie in some literacy) I can envision creating writing prompts and activities based off of the timeline:
  • Look back over September on the timeline.  Write about your favorite memory from that month.
  • Look over February.  Create a story based on one of the pictures.
  • Look over the whole timeline. Describe an activity, learning opportunity, or memory from class is missing from timeline.

How else could you use the timeline?

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  1. I love this timeline idea- I'm actually thinking about doing a timeline of books we've read together each month and then we could do similar writing response activities like you suggested, just specific to the books we read!
    Learning to the Core

    1. I really like the timeline of books idea - I'll be sharing that with my colleagues!


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