Saturday, December 1, 2012

Ideas for the Classroom: Season Changing Bulletin Board *Winter Update*

Yesterday afternoon I updated my season changing bulletin board just in time for December! 

It went from fall... winter:

A somewhat close-up on the board

So you can see the tree (It looks better in real life!)

A little blurry, but all of it together

The changes consisted of:
  1. Snowflakes instead of leaves
  2. A new snowflake border around the bulletin board
  3. New winter themed book covers in the frames

A few students popped in after school to say goodbye for the weekend.  They loved the new look and especially the new book covers.  Two asked if we had one of the books in our library so they could read it - SUCCESS!

If I really want go all out, I might bring the frames home with me and paint them all light blue or light purple so that they match a little better.  But they will be green for at least the first week of December.

In case you missed it and are interested, you can find the original post here: Season Changing Bulletin Board.

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