Thursday, October 11, 2012

Ideas for the Classroom: Season Changing Bulletin Board

Here is one of the bulletin boards in my classroom.  The picture was taken this summer on my first day in my room.

Since the heater is right underneath it, it is difficult to get to it which makes it impossible to have an interactive bulletin board there.  Since it is a bother to get to (for students and me), I decided to make a board that could stay up all semester but still have minor changes to it every month or so to keep it fresh.

So, combining several ideas from pinterest, I came up with this jungle/tree theme with several book covers framed (frames from the Dollar Store).

It is hard to see, but the monkey's are reading Curious George books.

As summer gave way to fall the green leaves changed to red, orange, brown, and yellow.

Currently the book covers are still the same, but I will be putting new ones in next.  First in a Halloween theme and then in a Thanksgiving theme.

As fall will give way to winter in a few months, the leaves will fall off the tree (I'll spend some time on the step ladder taking them down), and blue and white snowflakes will appear.

I will post more pictures as I update the board. Follow on Bloglovin

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