Saturday, October 13, 2012

Books: Everybody Sees the Ants

Everybody Sees the AntsAuthor:  A.S. King
Age Level:  14+
Pages: 279


Caught between daydreams of ants who taunt, tease, defend, and support him and real dreams of saving his grandfather from Vietnam, Lucky Linderman tries to survive his freshman year of high school.

Not understood by his teachers or parents, lacking friends, being pestered by a bully, and avoiding trouble at school, Lucky’s freshman year is strewn with pitfalls but he tries to perservere and survive the best he can.  After Nader McMillian, the boy who has bullied him since he was seven, physically assaults him at the local pool, Lucky is taken to Arizona by his mother to spend time with his workaholic uncle Dave and his crazy aunt Jodi.  As the novel switches between chapters about his freshman year and the events unfolding during the summer, Lucky hopes to find a way to deal with the adults in his life, make friends, end the bullying, and save his grandfather all while finding out about himself along the way.

Students who persoanlly struggle with bullying or enjoy books about history like the Vietnam War, struggles with parents, growing up, or depression will enjoy this book.

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