Saturday, December 15, 2012

Sandy Hook Elementary

10% of all sales from any store on Teachers Pay Teachers will be donated to Sandy Hook Elementary.  While there is no way to replace what has been lost in this tragedy, hopefully Teachers Pay Teachers can play a small roll in the healing process.

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Monday, November 26, 2012

Liebster Award!

During my Thanksgiving break I decided I should also take a break from my computer.  From Wednesday morning through Sunday night I didn’t check my blog or write any new posts (though one posted on Thursday that I wrote Tuesday night).  So imagine my surprise to log on today to find that Jayme from Trendy in Third nominated me for a Liebster Award!!

Now, if you’re like me, you might be asking what a Liebster award is.  After doing a little research I found out that it is given to new bloggers with 200 followers or less.  There are also a few rules:

Rule 1: Post 11 random facts about yourself.

  1. I have a dog named Boomer. 
  2. I’ve been married for 2 years.
  3. I love my job!
  4. I’m originally from Oregon.
  5. I ran my first marathon this past July.
  6. I think I will run another marathon next July.
  7. I have my teaching license in three different states.
  8. My first year teaching I was only three years older than a few of my seniors.
  9. I wish I was more creative.
  10. I love the outdoors.
  11. I love spicy food.

Rule 2: Answer the questions that the nominator set for you.

1) What grade do you currently teach? Have you taught any other grades?
I currently am a K-8 Reading Specialist, but I used to teach 9-12 English/Language Arts.

2) What is your favorite thing about teaching? Least favorite?
I love working with students!  It is amazing to see how much they grow (intellectually) in a year!  I don’t know if I have a least favorite part… when I taught high school English the grading could be a little grueling at times, but nothing is too bad.

3) If your school was donated $25,000, what would you want your principal to purchase?
Oh boy!  I would probably like a few classroom sets of ipads with some money left over for purchasing apps.  If I thought longer, though, I might have a different answer.

4) What is your favorite TV show?
Breaking Bad… and just a reminder that I am an English teacher NOT a Chemistry teacher  :)

5) If you could go back in time, what era would you choose to visit?
I would love to go back to the 1920s.

6) What is your school mascot?
The Lumberjacks

7) How many kids are in your class?
I do reading interventions so I work with students in groups of 1-5, but I work with about 50-60 students overall.

8) What is your current obsession? 
Teachers Pay Teachers

9) What is your idea of relaxing after a crazy day of teaching?
I love curling up with a good book while my dog curls up next to me.

10) Do you have a favorite holiday treat or drink?
I enjoy a good hot toddy (although I don’t know if that is a ‘holiday’ drink)

11) Heels or flats?
Both – it depends on the outfit.

Rule 3: Create 11 questions for the people you nominate.

  1. What do you prefer: dogs or cats?
  2. What do you love the most about your job?
  3. If you weren’t in your current career, what job would you want?
  4. If you could have one wish granted, what would it be?
  5. Have you ever done karaoke?  If no, would you ever?
  6. What is your favorite holiday?
  7. What is your favorite movie?
  8. What is your favorite book?
  9. What is your favorite website?
  10. Why did you start your blog?
  11. What is your favorite part of blogging?

Rule 4: Choose 11 other blogs with fewer than 200 followers to nominate and link them in your post.
Rule 5: You cannot “tag back” the other blog, but leave a comment on this post with the URL of your Liebster post so I can learn more about you & see who you nominate.

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  2. Kindergarten Squared
  3. Terry’s Teaching Tidbits
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  6. I Dream of First Grade
  7. Devoted to Vocabulary Development
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  9. Middle Grades Maven
  10. Teacher Talk
  11. Lessons From the Middle

A big thank you again to Jayme at Trendy in Third.

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Ideas for the Classroom: Bear Hunt

This short two-day Thanksgiving week was going to be great.  I just knew it.  I was in a good mood.  My students were in a good mood.  What could go wrong? 

Well, pretty quickly Monday morning I realized that many of my students hit Thanksgiving overload.  They had done so many fun Thanksgiving activities in class, that coming down for reading intervention to find yet another thanksgiving activity left them less than enthused.

Glancing around the room for an idea as my disappointed second graders sat in front of me, I pieced together this game that I am calling “Bear Hunt.”   I used it all this week (all two days!) and my students love it.  Here it is:

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

TPT: Cyber Monday Plus Tuesday Sale

My Teachers Pay Teachers store as well as many others will be throwing a sale for Cyber Monday Plus Tuesday.  I'll be offering 20% off on items like:

You'll automatically get 20% off all items in my store on Monday, November 26th through Tuesday, November 27th.  PLUS type in code CMT12 at checkout and get an additional 10% off!  That's a 28% discount!!!

So check out my store: Margaret Vaughan - iHeartLiteracy and load up your wishlist now for Monday & Tuesday!

Quote of the Week: Oscar Wilde

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Food For Thought

In Dr. Alec Couros’ short post Tips Up or Tips Down?, Couros recounts a missed learning opportunity with his son. 

The post is a powerful reminder that we as teachers and parents need to foster and deepen our students’ curiosity.  Technology can provide simple answers in an instant.  However, often more important than the answer is how we use our minds to find, discover, search, and create.  Technology is great, but when it replaces thinking it can become more of a hindrance than a help in the process of learning.

Again, Tips Up or Tips Down? is short, but it is well worth the quick read.

Monday, November 19, 2012

Reading Research Monday: Toxic vs. Positive Self Talk

One of our students was having a rough week last week, in his reading group.  I volunteered to take the student out into the hall so we could talk and walk around a bit to cool off.  Working with all ages of students from preschool through twelfth grade, I have encountered many reasons why kids break down: dad got a DUI, mom hasn’t been home for three days, a best-friend turned on a student, someone is bullying, a dog died, grandma is in the hospital, it’s just a bad day… the list goes on and on.  I knew the first grader I was working with had difficulty with his parents and I was expecting to hear his usual, “My mom was being mean.”  I wasn’t prepared for his reasoning this time.  When I asked him what was wrong, he turned and looked at me straight in the eyes and yelled, “I’m a jerk!”  He kept repeating it, “I’m a jerk!  I’m just a jerk!  There’s nothing I can do about it!  I’m a jerk!”  

Friday, November 16, 2012

Friday Freebie: Thanksgiving

Today's Friday Freebie has a Thanksgiving theme for the upcoming holiday.  On this I Am Thankful For sheet, students are able to trace over the pre-written words, complete the sentence, and a draw a picture.

The sheet comes in color (as seen above) and in black and white.  You can download it for FREE here: Thanksgiving: I am thankful for.


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Friday, November 9, 2012

Friday Freebie: Comprehension Sentence Starter Cards

Sometimes my students who struggle with comprehension simply don't know where to start.  That's where these free Comprehension Sentence Starter Cards come in. The cards can be used independently, in small groups, in large groups, or in literature circles. 

Sunday, November 4, 2012

TPT: Common Core Literacy Centers Packet

This Common Core Literacy Centers Packet includes 8 different centers with 160+ pages for your kiddos.  My students enjoy playing/learning at these centers.  They especially love "Puzzle Words," "Rolling for Words," and "Small Word Finder."

I use these activities with 1st and 2nd grade students who are on level and with several of my 3rd and 4th grade Tier II and III intervention kiddos.

Friday, November 2, 2012

Friday Freebie: Non-Fiction Text Feature Scavenger Hunt

This week's Friday Freebie is a Text-Feature Scavenger Hunt for Non-Fiction.  This two-page scavenger hunt works great with so many subject areas.

Using the scavenger hunt really allow kids to explore their math, history, business, health, etc. textbooks.  Doing so helps students build a better understanding of how to read all parts of their non-fiction books.  Also, students will gain an understanding of how and why their non-fiction books are structured the way they are. 

Hope you and your students find it useful!


Monday, October 29, 2012

Reading Research Monday: The Positive Effects of Preschool

This recent Planet Money story on NPR instantly caught my attention:  Why Preschool Can Save the World. The episode discusses “decades-long studies that found preschool made a huge difference in the lives of poor children. And [they speak with] a Nobel prize-winning economist who says that spending public money on preschool produces a huge return on investment.

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Books: Lark  Tracey Porter
Age Level:  12+
Pages: 180


After sixteen year old Lark is kidnapped, raped, and left to die, her friends Nyetta and Eve struggle to cope with the loss of their friend and problems in their own lives.

Friday, October 26, 2012

Friday Freebie: Fluency Tracking Sheets

Since I mainly work with students in Tier III interventions, it is vital that I track their progress, but all students benefit from timely monitoring of their progress.  Formative assessments provide teachers with so much information.  Are the students on track?  Are they growing?  Are they growing at a rate that will allow them to get on track with their peers? 

If the answer to any of these questions is no, then we as teachers know that something needs to change.  If I look at the results of progress monitoring and see a stagnant line, that tells me I need to change the interventions my kiddos are getting.  Obviously these particularly strategies are not working with these particular students. 

One area that many of my students are working to improve is their reading fluency.  To help track their fluency progress, I created four Fluency Tracking Sheets

The four sheets have different ranges of words per minute on them, making them useable for any grade level.  They are great visuals for seeing how students are progressing.  They're available for free on TPT.  You can get to them by clicking: Fluency Tracking Sheets.

I hope you find them useful too!

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