Friday, December 15, 2017

Little Royal A Fish Tale Book Review

Little Royal A Fish Tale

A very big fish in a very little pond learns that maybe he isn’t so big when he travels to new, bigger ponds and maybe there is more to life than bossing little guys around. #LittleRoyal #picturebook #childrenslit Chelo Manchego
Shambhala Publications, Inc.
Children’s Fiction, Picture Book

Publication Date: December 19, 2017

A very big fish in a very little pond acts like a king and demands that the little fish in his pond scrub his tale and blow bubbles on his scales. Enticed by the frog who tells him of even bigger ponds, the big fish looks for adventure and like magic he is lifted from bigger pond to bigger pond only to discover that he isn't always a big fish. In fact, he is quite small, especially when he makes it all the way to the ocean. A kind whale even shoots him up into the sky where the not so big fish sees the universe and realizes that he is just a small drop in a big ocean. Maybe there is more to life than being the king and bossing others around just because you're bigger than they are.

If you’re interested in reading Little Royal A Fish Tale, you can purchase a copy here on Amazon

*A copy of this book was provided free of charge for an honest review.

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