Thursday, October 1, 2015

Anchor Chart - Punctuation and Types of Sentences

Anchor Charts for Punctuation and Types of Sentences #anchorchart #ela #reading #punctuation #types of sentences #freebie

Here are a few great anchor charts on Punctuation and Types of Sentences from around the web:

Image Only - Do you know the original source? Let me know!

From Lessons with Laughter

From Life in Fifth Grade

From The Adventures of an Air Force Family

From First Grade Fairytales 

From Simply Sweet Teaching

From Crafting Connections

Do you have a favorite Punctuation and/or Types of Sentences anchor chart?  If so, share a link to it below in the comments section.

Do your students need help with reading punctuation correctly?  Try these FREE Punctuation Fluency Strips that are great for K-3 students!

FREE Punctuation Fluency Strips let students easily practice how to read punctuation like periods, question marks, and exclamation points. #punctuation #freebie #readingfluency

Looking for more anchor charts?  Check out these other posts:

Looking to make or recreate awesome anchor charts?

Here are some of my favorite resources!

Start with some good markers:

My favorite hearken back to my elementary days: Mr. Sketch!

Best Anchor Chart Resources #anchorcharts #markers #chartpaper

I also like these fat, bullet-tipped Sharpies!

Best Anchor Chart Resources #anchorcharts #markers #chartpaper

Depending on the type of chart you want to make, check out these different styles:

Best Anchor Chart Resources #anchorcharts #markers #chartpaper

Best Anchor Chart Resources #anchorcharts #markers #chartpaper

Best Anchor Chart Resources #anchorcharts #markers #chartpaper

Do you have other favorites?  Let me know in the comments section! 

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