Friday, October 3, 2014

Tricks and Treats Blog Hop

October is my favorite month!  Crisp air, pumpkins, hot tea, big sweaters with boots, Halloween - what's not to love?

To help celebrate the amazing month of October, I've partnered with several other bloggers to bring you the Tricks & Treats Blog Hop: a smorgasbord of goodies to kick off the month!  I'd also like to give a big thank you to Mrs. Plemons for hosting and organizing the blog hop.  

Okay, let's get down to business:


Here are two fun tricks to incorporate movement into teaching phoneme segmentation. 

Start with three sound words:

1)  Have your students follow your lead and use your body to sound out words.  Touch both hands to the top of your head for the initial sound.  Touch two hands to your stomach for the medial sound.  Then, touch two hands to your feet for the final sound.  After modeling for students, have them give it a try themselves.

*This technique is great for helping isolate initial, medial, and final sounds too!

2)  Hop out the words!  Place green, yellow, and red sheets of paper on the ground in a line.  Give students a word like "cat" and have them hop to each sheet for each sound in the word.  Hop on green and say /k/, hop on yellow and say /a/, and hop on red and say /t/.  


Here are some Halloween and fall inspired treats for your classroom:


  • Grade 3+
  • Great for students to practice writing clear directions and to get a fun and friendly reminder that it is important not only to give clear directions, but to also follow the directions given to you.

  • Grades K-3
  • Cute writing pages for any fall or Halloween inspired writing activity.

On Sale This Weekend Only:

                  • Grades 1st-2nd

                  • Grades 1st-2nd 

  • Grades 1st-2nd

  • Grades K-1st

Be sure to keeping hoping to find other great tricks and treats!

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  1. I liked your tricks - love how movement is connected with the learning.

  2. Great ideas for incorporating movement with segmenting words. Thanks for sharing!

    Mrs. Plemons' Kindergarten

  3. Thanks so much for sharing the writing pages. I may use them next week when I am a Kindergarten teacher for a day. We are calling it Freaky Friday and every teacher is switching places for the day! I am going from 3-5th STEM lab to Kindergarten!
    Teachers Are Terrific!

  4. Thank you so much for sharing your resources. Any time our kiddos can incorporate movement with their learning, it is POWERFUL!
    Best wishes!
    Jen :)

  5. Movement is always good! My kiddos definitely could use some practice with following directions- thank you!

  6. I made my own letter Legos for CVC practice. The students love using them because it feels like play. Thanks for sharing more engaging activities.

  7. Cute idea for sequencing and adding details in writing!
    Burke's Special Kids


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