Sunday, August 3, 2014

TPT 2014 Back to School Sale August 4th and 5th

The TPT Back to School Sale starts tomorrow!

Over the summer I've been adding quite a few new products to my store, but I'm most excited about my mega-bundles.  They offer a TON of resources and BIG savings!

Normally, the mega-bundles are discounted at 20-30% off the cost of buying the bundled products individually.  During this BTS sale, my entire store will be discounted another 20% off.   Plus, if you use promo code BTS14 at checkout, you'll get another 10% off that - LOTS of savings!

Here is how it breaks down:

NO PREP Word Work Short Vowel Mega Bundle

Price: $50.00 $28.80 (over 42% off with promo code BTS14)

What you get for that great price: This short vowel mega-bundle gives you 12 no prep activities for 25 different word families.  That's 300 no prep activities to use throughout the school year!  Find out more about this resource here.

Common Core Writing Prompt Year-Long Mega-Bundles

Other Grade Levels Available!
Price: $60.00 $30.24 (over 49% off with promo code BTS14)

What you get for that great price: These writing prompt bundles come with 396 writing prompts (33 for each month).  The prompts are common core aligned and range from narrative prompts, opinion (persuasive) prompts, and informative/explanatory prompts. Each type of prompt has a corresponding rubric.  Find out more about each specific grade level's prompts:


Don't forget that my entire store is on sale for 20% off!  Check out all the great deals at iHeartLiteracy

I hope everyone finds some awesome resources and has an amazing school year!

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