Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Resource Round-Up: August 20, 2013

Play is important!  It is how children learn.  Think about all of the skills that go into building a fort or connecting a racetrack and racing cars or running around with friends on the playground. 

All of these activities fosters creativity while learning: 
  • If I put too many pillows on top of my fort, it collapses.  
  • If my car isn't going fast enough, it won't make it around the loop. 
  • If I tag my friend too hard, he'll fall down and be upset with me.
Often, times for play are being cut to make way for more rigorous standards and demands on students.  Here are three resources that highlight the benefits of play:

1.  Play and Children's Learning from NAEYC

2.  Play Creativity and Life Long Learning

3.  Why Games Are Good For Learning Infograph

Don't forget that play is good for adults too!  So make sure to have some fun today. 

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