Sunday, August 11, 2013

Here's Why Competition Doesn't Work In Public Education

I found this article by Bill Ferriter today and thought it was pretty interesting: Here's Why Competition Doesn't Work In Public Education.

He breaks down what competition in public education will look like.  It's a new angle (at least to me) on the charter school debate that has been brewing for some time now.

Just a quick sample:

Education at some schools could be as great as this fridge!
And then there's guys like Joe -- the landlord who showed up in my driveway when he noticed the delivery truck bringing our new refrigerator to our house.
"Hey -- have you got an old unit you're trying to get rid of?  I'd be happy to take it off your hands," he said.  I told him that he wouldn't want my refrigerator.  It was 20+ years old, had been sitting unplugged in my backyard for about two weeks, had been rained on three times, and barely kept anything cold anymore.
"That don't matter," he said.  "I rent houses out in the poor section of town.  As long as it blows a little cool air, those people will be happy.  I'll give you $50 bucks and haul this thing away right now."
Juxtaposing the education system next other marketplaces makes for a good comparison and definitely gives you something to think about.

Give it a read (Here's Why Competition Doesn't Work In Public Education) and let me know what you think.

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