Monday, July 22, 2013

Reading is Awesome

I love to read.

I don't think that statement will shock you.  Reading is amazing.  It can transport you to different worlds, give you insight into different lives and perspectives, fill you with interesting knowledge and information... the list goes on an on. 
She's really excited about the news!

Well, reading gets even more amazing.  A study published in Neurology, finds that reading helps delay cognitive decline.  Yup!  Reading helps your brain stay fit as you age.

Here is the part I found most interesting: "Researchers examined the brains of 294 patients post-mortem and found a slower rate of decline in patients who reported more early-life and late-life cognitive activity, such as reading, writing and playing games" (from the Atlantic Wire's summary of the study.)

Did you catch that?  Early-life and late-life cognitive activity, like reading, slows the rate of decline.  Early- and late-life!  So here is yet another way that having our kiddos and students challenge their minds and exercise their brains with reading will help them later in life.

Reading is awesome!

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